Photographs from our First Annual Stephens Central Florida Club
Myakka River State Park Picnic, Sunday May 2, 2004

We had a wonderful gathering at our First Annual Myakka River State Park Picnic and have these terrific photos to prove it!

Thanks to the hard work of several Florida alumnae (Sarah Greenlee, '99, Ericka Pigg Moore, '97, Catherine Henry Heim, '61, Floy Edna Leuenberger, '53/'73 and myself) working as a phone committee, we called some 600 alumnae on the West Coast and central area of Florida -- and we're just getting started!! Our roster of alumnae from central Florida who have expressed a desire to be active in the club is now over 200. We began to receive enough of a response to our picnic invitations that we rented the Clay Gully Pavillion at Myakka River Park and filled it!

Seventeen alumnae from classes ranging from '42 to '99 were present: Caroline Canoll Duncan, '42, Beth Groves Hook, '45, Bette Booth Bradt, '47, Lynn Robbins DeGroote, '52, Mary Haltigan Patterson, '53, Rena Gaudreau Buckley, 55, Patricia Dennison Rague, '55, Mary Jo Jolly Dishman, 56, Ann Bowie Bobo, '64, Marilyn Patrice Fleming, '64, Laurie Fuller Hutchison Zimmerman, '66, Carol Rose Munson, '76, Janet Lynne Rieger, '79, Joy Katzen-Guthrie, 80, Ericka Pigg Moore, '97, Sarah Greenlee, '99 -- along with friends, spouses, and family members making a group of nearly 30. We also celebrated Rena Gaudreau Buckley's birthday with a LARGE cake! We all had much catching up to do, lots of great food to share, many memories of Stephens, and ideas for future events throughout the central Florida area and inspiring offshoot groups in other areas of the state.

FROM LEFT: Ann Bowie Bobo, '64 - Caroline Canoll Duncan, '42 - Beth Groves Hook, '45 - Marilyn Patrice Fleming, '64
Bill Buckley & Rena Gaudreau Buckley, 55, Sarah Greenlee, '99
Pat Dennison Rague, '55 - Carol Rose Munson, '76 - Mary Jo Jolly Dishman, '56 - Ericka Pigg Moore '97 - Richard Dishman

FROM LEFT: Ann Bowie Bobo, '64 - Joy Katzen-Guthrie, '80 - Caroline Canoll Duncan, '42 - Beth Groves Hook, '45
Marilyn Patrice Fleming, '64 - Bill Buckley & Rena Gaudreau Buckley, 55, Sarah Greenlee, '99
Pat Dennison Rague, '55 - Erica Pigg Moore '97 - Carol Rose Munson, '76

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